Our Story

Garry - Executive Producer `Being in the right place at the right time and spotting an opportunity is really how this journey began’.

911 Racer Productions is a small team of passionate, like-minded enthusiasts. A varied team who happened to be involved in technology, TV/film production and the sale and restoration of classic road and race Porsche cars. A perfect combination you may think, well it certainly gave us a leg up. All parties contributed their time and expertise to bring you this film, which we hope you enjoy.

Our journey began in the winter of 2008, a simple idea `Let’s make a film about the legend that is the Porsche 911 RSR’. We are talking specifically about the normally aspirated cars of the Seventies.

This is a period in time when the iconic Porsche 911 developed into an even more powerful force on the race tracks around Europe and over the pond in the USA. Today, the RSR is recognised as one of the most successful and enduring race 911’s of its generation.

934/935 911 Racer Productions are in the process of filming our next production - this time it’s all about the turbo era, the incredible Porsche 934 and 935, when horsepower went crazy!
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The legend that is the Porsche 911 RSR

This is a period in time when the iconic Porsche 911 developed into an even more powerful force on track – the RSR was born. Today the RSR is recognised as one of the most successful and enduring race 911s of its generation.

Even though the RSR was conceived to be an all-out racer, it is considered by many enthusiasts the World over as the most striking and beautifully sculpted of the 911 models. This iconic car, that constantly evolved, shared many of its design elements and engineering genius with its road-going counterpart and is much admired and highly collectable.

Garry – Executive Producer

“Opportunities like this are rare but we just got so lucky. Dedicated Porsche addicts and a dream team prepared to go above and beyond to create an impassioned film about these iconic cars.

Filmed in HD we soon realised we had something unique with a cinematic feel.

Great times and memories forever – like the time we were filming on track at the Nürburgring with a pack of roaring 911 RSRs, 935s and a very rapid 962 – absolute heaven!

Massive thanks and appreciation to everyone who assisted with this project – Porsche Cars Great Britain, Porsche Handling Circuit at Silverstone and not forgetting Derek Bell MBE, John Fitzpatrick and `Mr Porsche’ Nick Faure for their contributions in the making of this film”.


“It’s very hard to put into words the sensation of driving an RSR. The combination of a roaring mechanical fuel injected flat six race engine, instant throttle response and perfect power to weight is simply intoxicating”.

Dave – Chief Mechanic

“After decades of working on road/race Porsches, it was a real buzz to get involved in this exciting project, sharing my personal passion with all of the other Porsche devotees around the world. Working on these old classics is a real joy for me”

Glen – Editor

“It was always going to be a case of the car is the star here. The drivers’ stories and anecdotes were brilliant, but we felt the priority for the fans and Porsche admirers would be to see and hear the cars doing what they were built to do – go racing. These iconic cars should be driven and driven hard, albeit with a degree of compassion considering their age. They should not be in museum but on a track and that exhaust note – just so addictive!

The Porsche archive is a treasure trove into the past. The 1970’s factory looks so medieval compared to what you see today, in those days so much was handmade. If you are a true Porsche fan you’ll spot some archive material many people have never seen before”.

Now turn up the volume and let’s make some NOISE!